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Innovation and flexibility

Joni’s goal is to be the preffered manufacturer of tilting kettles, tilting frying pans and cooking ranges for catering centres. Joni’s products are designed with a special focus on easy and ergonomic use, hygiene, reliability and durability. It is also their goal for the product range to have an inbuilt flexibility, which enables solutions to be offered which meet the specific needs of individual customers.

EasyEasy – EasyMix – EasyStand – EasyMobile

Joni Foodline’s products range ranges from simple tilting kettles with manual tilit, through to traditional multifunction kettles to advanced kettles with a stirrer. Exaples of the broad product range includes kettles mounted on a four-legged stand, mobile versions and kettles with a 600mm tilting height and efficient chilling.

With all kettles, no comprimises have been amde on quality, and the different models therfore only reflect differences in functions.

The kettles operate with 1 bar of steam pressure, which gives 120 degrees. The kettle can be supplied for electrical heating or for connection to an external steam system.

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MultiMulti – MultiMix – Opti – OptiMix

Multi and Multi Mix

These models are advanced tilting kettles and are available with or without an integrated stirrer. They are available in many sizes, ranging from 40litre – 500litre, and are extremely flexible. A wide range of accessories are also available. These kettles are ideal for kithens with heavy duty cooking and stirring needs.

Opti and OptiMix

These models combine the superb functionality of the advanced tilting kettles with the perfect tilting height of 600mm. The OptiMix also gives the option of connecting an external chilling system. These kettles are ideal for kitchens with a focus on ergonomics or for kitchens with heavy duty cooking and stirring needs.  Click Here to read the MultiOpti PDF


InopaTilting frying pan / bratt pan InoPa

With the frying pan / bratt pan InoPa new standards are set for tilting frying pans. The stainless pan is easy to clean after use wtihout a risk for rust formation. With a 90mm deep pan InoPa can be used for frying, sauteing and braising meat, rice and vegetables. Also smaller amounts of stews can be made in the pan. For special purposes the pan can also be delivered with a 120mm deep apn.

Other practical options are eg. the air curtain that is connected to the air ventilation system of the kitchen and blows the fumes of cooking away from the operator and into the hood.

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Cook topsCeramic cook tops and induction cook tops

Induction cook top with stand – fast heating and flexible in use.
Ceramic glass cook top with stand – Easy to clean with an attractive design.

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